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You've been researching your family tree for a while now and you just know there are others like you who are diggin' up those family bones, you just don't know who they are. There are, of course, several ways to find your distant cousins, but one of the very best ways is to post information you've found with your name and email address so that they can contact you. Here at Texas County MOGenWeb, we want to help you do just that!
First, you need to gather up whatever information you would like to share. Make sure you include all of the pertinent details, or that information won't be any good to the next person. Verify that you have included the source - even if it's "just" family lore or an oral history from Great Aunt Ida! Once you've gotten that all together, just email it to the Texas County Coordinator, Rhonda Stolte Darnell. Remember, though, that this is a volunteer gig for Rhonda, so it may take her a bit to get back to you.
If you have a marriage announcement or license (not recent!) you would like to add, we would love to post it for you. We would like to start adding images of the actual announcements and licenses to our listings. 

If you have an obituary you would like to add, you may send it to Rhonda. Please include the date and name of the newspaper in which it was published. We are happy to post transcriptions of obituaries and/or an image of the obituary itself.

Please be considerate and do not forward material which is copyrighted by someone else unless you have their permission to post their work online. If something carries a copyright and you have permission for it to be added to our site, please forward that permission along with the material. Public domain information does not carry a copyright and can be forwarded to us for publication on our site.



FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
My research is all on paper and I don't have any way to email it. Can I still contribute to the website?
Of course you can! Email Rhonda to let her know you'd like to share what you have and she'll give you her "snail mail" (USPS) address. She's more than happy to do the scanning so that your information can go online.
What kind of files can you handle?
Rhonda has several software programs and is able to read most of the files you are likely to send. If there is any question, don't hesitate to email her to ask.
Is there a limit on the size of files I can send you or on the number of files I can send at once?
Rhonda has a fast internet connection and has never hit the limit, so we don't think so. That said, you might want to start out with a small email just to say "Here comes da big one!" so that she knows you are going to/have sent a lot of information on one specific email. Do be careful, though. Just because Rhonda doesn't seem to have a limit, doesn't mean you don't!
Can I send pictures?
YES! We LOVE pictures!
If you have tombstone pictures you would like to share, forward them to Rhonda. Please include a transcription of the writing on the stone, in what cemetery the stone is located, your name and a valid email address, in case she needs to contact you with questions. Inscriptions representing living people will be "blurred" so that they are unreadable.
I don't like to have my email address published on the internet. Do I have to be listed as a contact?
Nope, you don't have to have your email address listed. Many people like to simply share what they have without "taking the credit". We're happy to post your information either way, just be sure to tell us whether you want your name (or a pseudonym) and email address posted on the site.
Can I get an email every time the site is updated?
SURE! Just drop Rhonda an email with the subject line "UPDATE". She'll make sure to get your address added to the list.
You say to "include all of the pertinent details". What do you consider to the be "pertinent details"?
The quickest way to answer that is to have you look at the website. Just find the page with information similar to what you want to submit and give us all of the information you see there. For example, on the Deaths page, you'll see NAME, BORN, DIED and BURIED. That's the minimum amount of information we'd like to receive. More is always better than less!


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