Early Marriages:  [From Goodspeed 1889]

The first marriage records of the county, covering the years 1845-54, disappeared.  The oldest now in existence was opened by C. H. Frost, clerk, in August, 1855, with the certificate of Squire Leroy Watkins, who joined in matrimony, March 1, 1855, William C. Riden and Derrilla Gideon, and Francis M. Williams and Cynthia Carter, October 19, 1854.

June 10 -- James A. Hendrick and Malinda J. Odle, by C.H. Frost, J.P.
August 19 -- Bennett Harvey and Widow R. Truesdale, by C.H. Frost, J.P.
November 7 --  William M. Young and Sarah J. Fourt, by C.H. Frost, J.P.

June 15 -- John N. Angel and Jane F. Wood, by C.H. Frost, J.P.
July 7 -- Thomas Morrison and Rebecca Gilmore, by C.H. Frost, J.P.

June 28 -- Micajah Robertson and Rachel L. Killian, by C.H. Frost, J.P.

April 15 -- James McKenny and Mary C. Dunnan, by D. McKenney, J.P.
May 11 -- Dempsey F. Sullivan and Margaret Ganit, by P. Sanders, J.P.
August 5 -- Isaac Grimes and Nancy Oxendine, by P. Sanders, J.P.
August 7 -- William Snelson and Rebecca Dongan, by Dabney Lynch.
July 26 -- Francis E. Stubbs and Jane Adams, by J. B. Wood, Judge.
August 16 -- Isaac Moles and Mary Adams, by J. B. Wood, Judge.
July 5 -- A. C. McDowell and Eliza Cunningham, by J. Downing, J.P.
July 17 -- James E. Harbeson and Narcissa West, by J. T. Sullins, M.G.
July 24 -- Moses B. Cunningham and Arrinah Sands, by John Skiles, M.G.
September 6 -- Silas Stoggsdill and Mary E. Farris, by W. Nall, M.G.
October 21 -- James B. Campbell and Mily J. Martin, by E. A. Hight, M.G.
August 16 -- P. R. Spurlock and Urbanna Ellison, by W. H. Goldsberry, M.G.
September 30 -- John Burnes and Mellisa Turnbull, by J. B. Wood, Judge.
September 9 -- Jefferson Fox and Mary A. Shanks, by J. B. Campbell, J.P.
November 15 -- R. C. Buckner and Susan Sullens, by Hiram King, J.P.
November 25 -- L. M. Trusty and Martha J. Moore, by Hiram King, J.P.
October 11 -- M. M. Stubbs and Martha A. Stephens, by E. Wilson, M.G.
October 11 -- Richard S. Ormsby and Martha A. Dodson, by Abner State, J.P.
December 28 -- Ozias Upton and Eliza Scott, by Peter Sanders, J.P.
November 4 -- George W. Bradford and Mrs. O. Cox, by J.A. McDonald, J.P.
November 15 -- Joe A. Walton and Carolina Harbeson, by J.A. McDonald, J.P.
November 15 -- Elisha Wood and Catherine Daniels, by L. Green, M.G.
November 18 -- William L. Campbell and Jane McFarlane, by L. Matkins, J.P.
December 6 -- Thomas Mitton and Jane Raffity, by Elijah Lynch, J.P.

January 3 -- Joseph Bartlett and Lucinda Garrett, by James Pettyjohn, M.G.
January 24 -- Ben. J. Carter and Mary J. Roark, by William Nobles, M.G.
March 6 -- John W. Ellis and Elizabeth O. Ferrill, by Lawson Thompson, M.G.
April 23 -- William Kilgore and Modena Anderson, by John Springer, M.G.


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