Conclusion:  [From Goodspeed 1889]

The first settlers came to Texas County about 1828, and up to 1840 the families were widely separated, living often ten or fifteen miles apart.  From that period until the war broke out people came in rapidly, and Houston and Licking were flourishing little villages, such as are usually found in newly settled countries.  At the close of the war few houses were left standing in the county.  Alternate raids by the contending parties left it a barren waste, so that 1865 found the county almost de-populated.  Since that time there has been a steady growth...the census of 1880 showing over 12,000 population.  Since the building of the Kansas City, Fort Scott & Gulf Railroad there has been a great influx of immigrants, and they consist mainly of that better class of people who desire to make this their home and build up the country permanently.  The population is now fully 18,000 souls.

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